Animated webp to spritesheets converting tool
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2023-08-28 20:48began splitting source code into different filesbsandro3+166-139
2023-08-26 08:32- Scroll bugfix: no longer crashing on value change if no image is loaded - Setting OS specific flag is now done via command line argumentbsandro3+8-2
2023-08-24 22:05Default window size is 750x400 now.bsandro2+9-6
2023-08-24 21:14input fields data reading fixbsandro1+8-4
2023-08-22 23:05Actual image file loading/reloading/unloading via command line or gui button.bsandro1+60-37
2023-08-20 21:59Open File dialog skeletonbsandro1+34-16
2023-08-16 23:01output filename bugfixbsandro1+16-10
2023-08-16 22:04Save dialog has cancel button nowbsandro1+30-40
2023-08-16 21:20modified TODO, added nano swap files into the ignore list.bsandro2+4-1
2023-08-16 15:05Working basic save dialogbsandro1+64-25
2023-08-16 13:49Save (modal) window appearance basic logicbsandro2+32-8
2023-08-16 13:06Basic 'save window' ui layout.bsandro3+60-35
2023-08-13 23:38basic events layout - save, exitbsandro1+36-5
2023-08-13 22:57ui label with a full input file pathbsandro1+5-8
2023-08-08 21:00Label width tiny fix.bsandro1+1-1
2023-08-06 23:25Figured out some panel inner workings, added couple of new buttons and started reworking the overall layout.bsandro2+43-19
2023-08-01 18:54Removed x86_64 only code, added -ffast-math.bsandro3+15-4
2023-07-30 13:37Merge branch 'gui' of bsandro.tech:~/repos/emote2ss into guibsandro1+4-0
2023-07-30 13:36gui tiny fixbsandro1+6-4
2023-07-30 11:22macos build fixbsandro1+4-0
2023-07-30 09:31First try of dynamic display of the spritesheetbsandro8+6318-26
2023-07-20 06:02openbsd fixbsandro1+1-1
2023-07-20 05:35Handling different directories and respecting PATH_MAX from limits.hbsandro2+23-9
2023-07-15 11:26license (bsd 2clause)bsandro2+26-0
2023-07-15 11:15tcc supportbsandro1+5-1
2023-07-12 23:32Expanded README, added TODObsandro2+15-1
2023-07-12 23:01added readmebsandro1+9-0
2023-07-12 22:17printf num sizing fixbsandro1+1-1
2023-07-12 22:12Command line arguments accept filename and columns count now. Only single file processed at time.bsandro2+20-18
2023-07-12 19:57Output filename is constructed with 'atlas_' prefix.bsandro3+11-4
2023-07-08 20:23merge transitional -> masterbsandro2+25-17
2023-07-08 20:18Setting variable columns x rows works now.bsandro1+8-7
2023-07-07 11:46provisionalbsandro1+14-8
2023-07-05 20:48i386 compatibility fixesbsandro2+3-3
2023-07-04 23:14transitional commit (moving to another pc)bsandro1+8-7
2023-07-03 22:44Horizontal spritesheet (instead of vertical one from previous version)bsandro2+12-5
2023-05-07 23:30Sample vertical tiles dumpbsandro1+11-1
2023-05-04 22:45test generate output webp with 1st framebsandro1+16-0
2023-05-03 21:18alloc_image() fixbsandro1+2-1
2023-05-03 21:13Decoding frames of an animationbsandro1+67-22
2023-05-02 22:01Basic reading webp infobsandro4+144-0