Self-hosting repositories

Finally decided to move from managed git repos to self-hosting, since I’ve already have something to run tiny stuff on.

Github is a centralized place for everything, it seems, and became a de-facto standard for releasing open-source stuff but the overall bloat there is not something I’m comfortable with.

Sourcehut in comparison is quite neat and minimalistic; unfortunately it lacks some nice features while keeping some bugs, and while overall attitude “you want something done - make a pull request” is absolutely valid for an open source project it is frankly not something I want to hear as an end-user of a service I kinda paid for (albeit it wasn’t a large sum but still).

And if I have to fix some stuff for some “side dish” infrastructure that is used for couple of small opinionated repositories I decided that I can just roll it all out by myself and maybe even gain some valuable intel in process.

This is what I ended up with; static web interface for the repositories is made with stagit and the serving repositories themselves is wrapped under “stock” git-daemon utility. I wrote a simple shell script that only publishes repositories listed in a special text files (so I can have some privacy) and the statically generated files are being updated on post-receive git hook. It would obviously be a bad solution for a projects with multiple contributors or large amount of code/commits but for personal use as a side activity it is more than enough and requires very little maintainance (at least I hope so).